The Erasmus Semester at TU-Varna of Florane, Emma, Roua, Nikita, Gladys, Andriy and Bohdan – 2019

My name is Florane, I’m a French student and I’m studying sports sciences at the university. I wanted to do an Erasmus to discover a new culture and work on my English. This Erasmus was a very good experience. I met new people. I also discovered new courses because I studied management during my semester. We didn’t have a lot of courses and this allowed us to travel around the country. Varna is a good place to do sports, we can run next to the beach and with the university I was able to go nationwide in the morning with other students from the university. This experience allowed me to develop my English, to discover new courses and to have a new lifestyle during my Erasmus. This experience allowed me to grow!