My Erasmus+ in TU Varna by Andrea Kosturova from Czech Republic

Hello everyone!

My name is Andrea, I am from Czech Republic and I will tell you something about my 5 months on Erasmus in Varna, Bulgaria. First of all, I choose this city because I really want to experience that feeling going to the beach right after school, turns out that Varna is definitely the great place to do that, a lot! The second thing – doesn’t matter what faculty on Technical university Varna you will choose, I think it will still be interesting study and gives you something useful for your future life. My specialty here was Industrial management – to be honest, I had no idea what to expect since my study field back in Czech Republic is a little different (civil engineering) but that’s what made it more fun for me to get knowledge about things from a different specialty. Other thing is that everyone here is really nice and always free to help you with everything! Having all classes in English is quite hard from the start, but god blessed me being in Varna, so I could just go relax right to the beach after school. There is also great Erasmus group on facebook – Happy Erasmus Varna where I joined right after my arrival and met a lot of other Erasmus students from different countries, so if you are considering going there, don’t need to worry, you will not be alone on that beach! Our Erasmus trip was to Pamporovo – it’s a ski resort in southern Bulgaria where we joined the celebration of the national holiday on 3th March. It was a great experience, folk music was playing, people were wearing traditional costumes, and everyone could join for a folk dance. The other day we spent couple of hours in Shiroka Luka, where again join the ceremony for welcoming the spring, it was like a live theater with costumes and music!



Being here from January to June was the best because I experienced everything here – the snow and skiing but also hot weather and swimming in the sea. If Varna is not enough for you is the best to rent a car for a few days and take trip around. We visit the Kaliakra cape, Balchik, took a lunch in great shell farm Dalboka, visited Nesebar and Burgas, took a walk barefoot in the sand of one of the few natural deserts in Europe – Stone forest. But I never get bored from this great city! The sunset on top of the Soviet monument is also another nice memory! I highly recommend choosing this university, this city, this country! I will definitely come back!