My ERASMUS experiance by Dumitru Cainareanu and Turcanu Gabriela from Romania


We are two Romanian students from Targu- Jiu,  Dumitru Cainareanu and Turcanu Gabriela .

First of all we  would say that, we are lucky because we experienced the Erasmus programme in Varna. I can say that we are that active  students, full of energy that like life abroad . Well, in my opinion active  are all those brave students who take the opportunity to participate in this amazing programme called Erasmus. Of course, not everybody has the courage to participate.We had it,and we did it .Because we was already  Erasmus  students and we tried this experience,we didn’t think so much and we applied again.So,we started our Erasmus trainship at Technical University of Varna,we choose it ,because we heared just good thing about it,and now we can say it for sure ,is one of the best with nice collective.After this wonderful time spent there our life changed completely, ,we will remember this time abroad for the rest of our life .Happiness, enthusiasm, eagerness, and many more words can be used to describe that  time, but are words enough?  The moments are  the ones that describe everything.We spent a wonderful time during our Erasmus,we travelled and discovered the most beautiful places of Bulgaria. Likewise,we learnt that language and culture are definitely not barriers to making friends and building contacts.We met people that became a part of our life. Now,we are in a new challenge ,in  another Erasmus in Czech Republic ,we are proud that we are here and this is because for us ,ERASMUS is part of our daily agenda.We will never forget our wonderful time in Bulgaria(Varna).

Dear readers,just don’t think so much,go for Erasmus to the Technical University in Varna,you will discover the best things in your lives.I wish you the best ,enjoy your time there and don’t forget ONCE ERASMUS, always ERASMUS!