Махмуд Ахмед Ануар Салем – обучение по Еразъм+ зимен семестър 2022/2023 в Maritime University of Szczecin, Полша

Махмуд Ахмед Ануар Салем – Бакалавър, спец. Корабоводене, Курс 3 – мобилност с цел обучение през зимен семестър в Maritime University of Szczecin, Полша

“The country is so clean; the university in high-level, the people are so humble with you. There are many places you can visit in Poland. They have good dishes, I went to Gdansk, one of the best cities in Poland – many places you can visit there such as the Museum or the Golden Gate or the Crowds and the Neptune fountain. In addition, I went to Warsaw, to the old town – in Be Happy museum. Warsaw is one the best places too and Castle Square. There are many foreign students in the Maritime University of Szczecin where I have been. I am glad I found many new friends. In Szczecin you can visit also the river and they have very long center where you can buy everything you want.

It was a great experience for me and I am very thankful for giving me this opportunity!”